Career and Life Planning


  • to prepare students for their further studies and career planning through various channels of career and occupational education;

  • to help students realise their interests and strengths to equip themselves for their future careers through job experience, talks, workshops, etc.;

  • to inspire students making wise academic and career decisions according to their abilities, interests, and personalities through career and life planning education.


  • to implement career and life planning education for all forms on a whole-school basis;

  • to organise assemblies for students in the theme of career and life planning education;

  • to be responsible for school outings related to career and job experience;

  • to assist Secondary 6 students in submitting applications for Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) and local post-secondary institutions;

  • to provide career counselling to students;

  • to manage the Careers Room;

  • to write recommendation letters for students;

  • to liaise with all academic institutions or organisations to arrange appropriate activities for students;

  • to select students to join all kinds of Principal’s Recommendation Schemes.

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