Extra-Curricular Activities


  1. To widen the horizons of students;
  2. To explore and develop the potential of students; and
  3. To nurture the virtues of students such as responsibility, confidence, service, commitment and unity.


  1. To formulate the school extra-curricular activities policy;
  2. To monitor the operation of clubs and give support if necessary;
  3. To provide student leadership training;
  4. To promote the work of Student Union, Representative Council, Houses and other clubs;
  5. To approve club budgets; and
  6. To arrange annual School Prize Presentation Ceremony

List of Committee Members

Chairman: Mr. HUE Ka Keung
Vice-Chairman: Ms. Leung Pik Yan
Members: Mr. Li Chun Yin, Mr. Chan Wai Shing, Ms. Lee Wai Man, Ms. Leung Chui Wun

House Ranking Rules

  • The name of overall champion house is engraved on the shield.
  • Scoring items: Sports Days overall results, Cheering Team performance and morale competitions、ball games, academic competitions, etc.
  • Scores of each item: Champion: 5 points, First Runner-Up: 3 points,  Second Runner-Up: 2 points  and Third Runner-Up: 1 point
  • Weighting of items:
    •  Sports Days overall results x  3
    •  Cheering Team performance x  2
    •  Cheering Team morale x  1
    •  Ball games x  1
    •  Academic competitions x  1
    •  Others x  1
  • The overall champion house award is given in the School Prize Presentation Ceremony.

Post-Examination Activities

Both on-campus and off-campus student activities are provided during the post-examination days in July.
The School Prize Presentation Ceremony is held at the school hall in early July to recognize the efforts of students in various types of activities.

Blood Donation Day

The annual school event is held at the school hall in early October and the Most Active Participating Class Award is given.
The number of participants in the past five academic years was as follows:

Academic Year No. of Participants
2022-2023 21
2021-2022 30
2020-2021 45
2019-2020 83
2018-2019 28