Creative Achievement Awards

Congratulations to our Campus TV Team for getting “The Best Picture” in the category of Microfilm in the first Creative Achievement Awards, which was organised by GrandTech Systems Limited and ADOBE last year. 

They were later interviewed by RTHK to share their fruitful and rewarding experience. The interview will be broadcast on 26th March and 2nd April on RTHK Radio 2 from 9:00pm-9:30pm. 

5D Cheung Tak Po
5D Wong Wang King
5D Zeng Ying 
5C Ng Wai Ching
5A Chan Tsun Hin 
4B Chan Sai Yin

上奇科技聯同ADOBE 合辦「創意多媒體達人企劃」:中學組別「最佳作品大獎」

校園電視台代表學校參賽,參賽作品《愛·返學》講述同學及老師在疫情中遇到的困難,為觀眾帶來很大共鳴,並脫穎而出獲得中學組別的「最佳作品大獎」。他們及後又接受了香港電台節目「學界創造」訪問,分享他們的心路歷程及心得。節目將會在3月26 / 4月2 晚上9:00-9:30 香港電台第二台播出。

5D 黃泓境
5D 張德寶
5D 曾熒
5C 吳瑋晴
5A 陳浚軒
4B 陳世然